Dsynth in Avisynth (2.X) Based on avisynth 2.55 (from CVS)

This modificated version of avs 2.55 allows to use directStreaming
when it is possible.

current 'version': v9
based on: avisynth 2.55 release

@Developers: Do not build filters using this version. This version is intended for technical purpose,
and not for concurrencing avisynth normal development in any way.

Read "DSynth in Avisynth 2.55 - explanation.txt" for technical explanations.

you can access to DSynth old version... (based on avs 0.3)

DSynth in Avisynth 2.55 - explanation.txt
todo Dsynth.txt

'AviSynth in Dsynth' dll rared -

Dsynth based on 2.55 release.v9.rar

AviSynth in Dsynth sources rared. - only src directory

Dsynth based on 2.55 release.v9.src.rar

Some technical differences for the source used and modified for version v9:

CSDiff of AvisynthVsDsynth.source.htm

Avisplicer is a tool that generates avs files.


FExtractor is a tool that generates avs files,
those files are generated with (obsolete) drf info (div3) and basic frame info
and with an optionnal list of dropped frames present in the file,
and with the timing that have the other frames. those files should be used with DSynth...


DSynth alpha based on avisynth 0.3 (c) ben rudiak

Special avisynth version that only operates in direct stream mode
Meaning, serving only compressed frames
It is linked to .avd files, and uses another GUID than avisynth,
so both can coexist together...
still in alpha stage